What’s New in Advanced Custom Fields v2.0.2

I am exited to announce that today, I will release a new version of the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin. I’ve been taking in all your feedback and ideas on the support forum and I hope you like the updates I’ve added in v2.0.2.

So whats news? Well, you can see above that I have re designed the location meta box to allow for custom location queries. This will allow you to add your ACF group to an edit screen with more ease and not need that “Override” option (which is now gone).

The full change log

  • Added new database table “acf_rules”
  • Removed database table “ac_options”
  • Updated location meta box to now allow for custom location queries
  • Hid Activation Code from logged in users
  • Fixed JS bugs with wp v3.2 beta 2
  • Added new option “Field group layout” – you can now wrap your fields in a metabox!
  • General housekeeping

Is it safe to update with all this new database stuff?????

The update.php script will copy your old location data and re write it into the new format, but I can’t guarantee that it will work for 100% of all cases.

The best proccess is to backup your database, update the pluginn and then go through each acf to make sure all the options look good.

FYI – before uploading the new plugin to the SVN, I uploaded it to my plugins.elliotcondon.com website. The update went fine but I did have to add some new location rules as the “Override” option is now gone.

Aaah I found a bug!!

Don’t panic, jump over to the support forum and post it right away so I can empty a can of mortein on it.

Thank you for reading

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6 Jun 2011

I love the plugin, but the latest version, 2.0.2 causes the text editor field to disappear when I try to edit a post and there is no text editor field at all when I want to start a new post. Can I get a download of version 2.0 to roll back to?


6 Jun 2011

It now appears that it is a browser caching problem. The text editor returned after I logged off, closed the browser and then reopened it.

Francesco Gallarotti

6 Jun 2011

Spectacular plugin. You are setting the bar really high in WP plugin development. Kudos!


6 Jun 2011

Just wanted to stop by and say that this is my absolute. favorite. plugin. ever. Srsly. It replaces so many other plugins since I can replicate their features and then some! I was so very excited when custom post types were introduced into the WordPress core, and was using More Fields with them until I found this. More Fields is great, but Advanced Custom Fields is just so much more flexible, and I love that you can set field groups to show only on specific posts or pages.


7 Jul 2011

So… Are we gonna have an “advanced custom types” plugin, like that? 😀

Add icons to post types, custom post types templates and all that great stuff! 🙂

Oh, and how about a licence that could allow us to “export” an api with the options we have made, so we can include into our templates?

Thanks again

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