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Advanced Custom Fields v3 beta

I’m proud to announce that v3.0.0 is nearly complete! This new version is a completely new build which doesn’t use any custom tables! Continue reading

Creating an Image Gallery with Advanced Custom Fields

In this tutorial, we will create a custom gallery WordPress template which will use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin + the repeater field to populate a NivoSlider image gallery. Alternatively, you could substitute the NivoSlider for any other javascript image slider as the logic will be the same. Continue reading

WordPress Redirect to Child Page and Vice Versa

When creating a custom WordPress theme, you may need to skip the parent pages and redirect straight to the first child page. Also, some situations require finding and redirecting to the parent page. Here are some codes which will handle the redirection! Continue reading

Use Post Tags as SEO Keywords in WordPress

Lately, I have been creating my WordPress websites using as little plugins as possible. The main reason behind this has been performance based, but it also makes your wordpress website smarter, more reliable and easier to manage. So here’s a simple bit of code to use your post’s tags as meta keywords in your header. Continue reading

Advanced Custom Fields v2.0.0 Preview

Work is well under way for the next version of the Advanced Custom Field WordPress Plugin. With only Testing and bug squashing left to do, I though I would give you a look at the new and improved plugin. V2.0.0 will introduce a purchasable special field called a repeater field. Continue reading