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Conditional Logic for Advanced Custom Fields

Follow this short tutorial to add conditional logic to your ACF fields with just a small amount of jQuery code Continue reading

Advanced Custom Fields. 1 year on.

Advanced Custom Fields is about to hit 250,000 downloads from wordpress.org, so I thought it was time to take a step back and look at what we have achieved. Continue reading

Advanced Custom Fields v3 beta

I’m proud to announce that v3.0.0 is nearly complete! This new version is a completely new build which doesn’t use any custom tables! Continue reading

Creating an Image Gallery with Advanced Custom Fields

In this tutorial, we will create a custom gallery WordPress template which will use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin + the repeater field to populate a NivoSlider image gallery. Alternatively, you could substitute the NivoSlider for any other javascript image slider as the logic will be the same. Continue reading

What’s New in Advanced Custom Fields v2.0.2

I am exited to announce that today, I will release a new version of the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin. I've been taking in all your feedback and ideas on the support forum and I hope you like the updates I've added in v2.0.2. Continue reading

Advanced Custom Fields v2.0.0 Preview

Work is well under way for the next version of the Advanced Custom Field WordPress Plugin. With only Testing and bug squashing left to do, I though I would give you a look at the new and improved plugin. V2.0.0 will introduce a purchasable special field called a repeater field. Continue reading

Using the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin to create a custom home page in WordPress

Here's a simple tutorial showing how you can create a professional quality custom home page for your WordPress website using the free "Advanced Custom Fields" plugin. Continue reading