Shortcode Developer WordPress Plugin

I’m proud to announce the launch of a new WordPress plugin I have been developing over the past few days. It’s called Shortcode Developer and I believe this is just start of a series of very useful plugins I will be releasing.

How it works

The Shortcode Developer plugin provides a user friendly interface for creating custom shortcodes. Each shortcode consists of a name, a list of attributes (with names and default values) and the PHP code executed to return the html back to the shortcode placeholder.

Editing the PHP code is powered by the great browser editor “CodeMirror”!

A nice advantage of using this plugin over writing the shortcodes into the functions.php is that the shortcodes are not dependent on the theme. Also, this makes for a faster turn around for quick updates on live websites!

How it looks

1. List of created shortcodes

2. Shortcode add / edit interface

Feedback & Thoughts

The next step for this plugin is to integrate an import / export feature. If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them!

I hope you enjoy the new Shortcode Developer plugin.

Thank you for reading

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7 Jul 2012

Looking fwd to taking a peek at via @elliotcondon

elliot condon (@elliotcondon)

7 Jul 2012

@cphilippsen Thanks mate. I launched it this afternoon! You can ready about it here:


7 Jul 2012

Nice plugin for shortcoding in WordPress! As easy as pie, and works wonderfully with ACF. via @elliotcondon

elliot condon (@elliotcondon)

8 Aug 2012

For those who didn’t hear, I launched a groovy new WordPress plugin last week!


8 Aug 2012

power wp “@elliotcondon: For those who didn’t hear, I launched a groovy new WordPress plugin last week!”


9 Sep 2012

I was deep into defining shortcode args for a client when I saw this beauty: via @elliotcondon – thanks mate!


10 Oct 2012

Any chance of incorporating the shortcodes into the TinyMCE editor? via @elliotcondon


11 Nov 2012

Like it so far. Buttons in the post editor MCE GUI would be cool. I cant seem to delete an attribute. via @elliotcondon


12 Dec 2012

Oh this is good. This is really good. via @elliotcondon


12 Dec 2012

excited about this… via @elliotcondon

Thanks again

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