Grouped Location Rules for ACF

Dear Advanced Custom Field and WordPress developers,

Today on github you will find an updated version of the ACF plugin containing an amazing new feature; Group location rules!

What’s new?

Previously, location rules were limited to an “all” or “any” matching logic. Now, however, this option has been removed and replaced with the ability to group rules as “and”, where each group is an “or”.


What are the benefits?

Now with the ability to group location rules, you will have much more control over the placement of your custom fields!

In the screenshots above, you can see that previously it was not possible to match a field group to both multiple user types and locations. Now, with grouped location rules, this is very possible.

Compatibility Notes

  • Data has not changed in regards to the database
  • Previously exported PHP code (pre 4.0.4) will continue to work as per normal
  • Newly exported PHP code will not work with previous version of ACF


You will find the new grouped location rules feature in the latest version of ACF from github:


Thank you for reading

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