Advanced Custom Fields Version 4 Easter Launch

*  Advanced Custom Fields v4.0.0 has been released!

Dear WordPress and Advanced Custom Field users.

After months of development, the all new version 4 Advanced Custom Fields plugin is ready for launch! If all goes to plan, you should see an update for ACF after the Easter long weekend!

This new version has been completely re-written from the ground up to allow for faster customization and easier deployment! The driving force behind this update has been WordPress itself and the new rules & regulations regarding premium code.

Previously, ACF has included the code for all 4 Add-ons within the free plugin, which were then unlocked via an activation code. This 'Pay wall' structure has been deemed unacceptable by WordPress causing many conflicts between developers and the WP team.

I'm all for the change and believe WP are entitled to refuse hosting developers premium code.
Side note: @WordPress, why didn't you just ask for a commission on all sales of premium hosted code? You could have made a lot of money! Anyway...

Important Notes regarding version 4

Database Changes

Absolutely no changes have been made to the database between versions 3 and 4. This means you can roll back to version 3 without any issues.

Activation codes have grown into plugins!

Add-ons are now activated by downloading and installing individual plugins. Although these plugins will not be hosted on the repository, each Add-on will continue to receive updates in the usual way.

Custom Field Types

Creating your own field type has never been easier! Unfortunately, version 3 field types are not compatible with version 4.
Migrating your field types is easy, please follow this tutorial to learn more.

Actions & Filters

All actions & filters have recieved a major facelift to make customizing ACF even easier! Please read this guide to find the updated naming convention.

New Field types!

  • Message
  • Taxonomy
  • Email
  • Password

I'm a developer, what do I do?

If you want to update to the new v4.0.0 Advanced Custom Fields plugin, there are a few steps to follow post update:

1. Add-ons

Download and install all required add-ons from the ACF website. You can find a download link for your purchased Add-ons in your receipts (on the ACF site)

2. Custom Field Types

Any custom field types created or downloaded in version3 will no longer work in v4. To get them working again, I recommend viewing the new resource guide for creating a custom field type or checking with the add-on developer for a version 4 compatible Add-on!

3. Actions & Filters

If you have used actions or filters to customize the ACF experience, it is important that you read the full Migrating from v3 to v4 guide to view the replacement actions, filters & functions.

Thank You

A BIG thank you to everyone who has helped test the version 4 beta and for all the support I have received.

Without you all, this release would not have been possible!

Thank you for reading

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elliot condon (@elliotcondon)

3 Mar 2013

Advanced Custom Fields version 4 Easter launch {


4 Apr 2013

Advanced Custom Fields 4 has been released! Lots of updates. @elliotcondon is awesome.

Thanks again

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