Advanced Custom Fields v2.0.0 Preview

Work is well under way for the next version of the Advanced Custom Field WordPress Plugin. With only Testing and bug squashing left to do, I though I would give you a look at the new and improved plugin. V2.0.0 will introduce a purchasable special field called a repeater field. This field will allow you to create infinite rows of data which is perfect for a photo gallery! The back end has undergone some major re design and now offers a simpler and more robust interface.

I hope you like where this plugin is heading. Feel free to leave feedback, I do read it all, even if I don’t have time to reply.

advanced custom fields new layout
New layout for fields

advanced custom fields native wordpress buttons
Native WordPress buttons
advanced custom fields new edit screen
The new and improved edit screen for fields
advanced custom fields repeater field
The much awaited Repeater field!
advanced custom fields simple image gallery
Creating a simple Image gallery
advanced custom fields adding data into repeater field
Adding data into the repeater field

Thank you for reading

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5 May 2011

Elliot. Thank you for your hard work in making this wonderful plugin. This has saved me tons of work. Question about 2.0: will images be able to be added via Media Library?


5 May 2011

Hey Aaron

As of 1.1.4 you can select images from the local post library. Are you referring to the global media library?


5 May 2011

Yes. I meant the global media library.


5 May 2011

Hi Elliot,

At the very moment I am developing a client site using ACF, and need a repeatable field for adding multiple images to a Custom Post type to get a Image Gallery, quite common requirement. Of course there are other ways but ACF offers such a clean UI & meaningful way to do so we would prefer to stick to it if possible.

Are you going to release that paid version anytime soon? I am certain client would love to pay for it, but will the release be possible at all within this week?


5 May 2011

I’m really looking forward to this release Elliot. Any idea on the release date?


5 May 2011

Hi, this looks great, any thoughts on when you will be releasing?


5 May 2011

Too cool! I can’t wait for the release. Been checking back every week hoping to see it’s out.


6 Jun 2011

Hey guys. The repeater field is not available on the plugins store:

Have fun!

Felipe Camarneiro

6 Jun 2011

I just see you have update to 2.0.1 and added many new things.
For me the new option

Is field searchable? (saves field value as a normal custom field so you can use the field against wp queries)

is just amazing.
I was obligate to work with other (worst) plugins for all the filelds that are used in a custon query, but now I can stick to ACF all the way.
Thanks for your time and the work !


6 Jun 2011

Oh, man… Thank you for ACF! It`s great. Best wishes from Poland 🙂

Mike Broad

6 Jun 2011

I used ACF for a few site now and it’s really great.
But now I want to use as a Gallery like the example, but I can work out how to make all the images a certain size, is it possible?


8 Aug 2011

Is this plugin compatible with WordPress 3.2.1 custom post types?

Thanks again

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